Marketing campaign? What’s a marketing campaign?

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I vividly remember the day that Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 CRM was deployed in the business I was working in at the time.  In those early days of cloud this was an on-premise version, out of the box with no customisation and was a strange looking beast with peculiar habits that we needed to bring into our company culture with very little external or expert help.

Once we had taught it our language (english, UK) we then had to get to grips with the functionality, For a home-grown IT services company more used to discussing bits and bytes than to considering the ins and outs of customer nurture programmes this was no small task.  We had so many questions, starting with the basic “What was a marketing campaign?” to “How did subscription lists differ from marketing lists?”, and once we had identified what these actually were, “How could we generate good looking and well written content to woo our potential clients with?”  I suppose we were faced ultimately with asking what it was we wanted to say before we worked out how to say it.

Our answer at that time was to engage the services of a marketing company to help us come up with the answers to these problems but, as is the way with new territory we soon hit another one.  We discovered that no one understood our services and our customers as we did, not only that, not everyone was sufficiently enthused by IT services to put in the effort to do so – imagine that! They also didn’t really understand how to use our new CRM system to make sure that we were gathering the information we needed to make informed decisions about what worked and what didn’t.  It all fizzled out like a damp squib, a poor show at the end of what looked like a promising start, with all the frustration that comes with such unrealised potential.

What we needed then, and arguably most SMBs still do today, was access to a technically literate creative source of campaign and content input, someone that was comfortable with our systems, understood our business and would help us to generate informative and engaging content that we could then use and monitor its effectiveness, at a price that we could afford.

Life has moved on since then, Dynamics 365 CRM which is now available in the cloud with all the benefits associated with that: of security of information, ease of access, and its simple and affordable licensing programme, seamless integration with the Dynamics 365 stack and now a range of exciting additional apps that allow it to be rolled out across a business providing one point of access to a range of business functionality.

To complement our CRM development services here at Cloud2020 we have also rolled out a range of services via the Microsoft Appsource portal that answer the issue that businesses are still faced with – namely creation of marketing content and developing it into a coherent set of campaigns and programmes, all monitored and managed from with the Marketing module of Dynamics 365.  These well priced and focussed services are due to come online and to be available in November 2017.

We will be discussing these exciting services on our podcast on 26/10/17 at 11 am – check out our previous podcasts here – this  month we will be talking about at our event “Full Steam Ahead – marketing in the modern world” on November 15th 2017 at the Swindon Steam Museum –  to sign up for this click here

You can also email me at for an invitation – we look forward to hearing from you soon.



Wendy Clifford is a writer with a longstanding interest in Technology and its impact on our lives both from a business and in a social sense.  She can be found listening to music (analogue, digital and generally in a field with a Gin and Tonic), writing and reading, or scavenging for free food from the hedgerows which she turns into jellies and jams.

Contact her via Twitter @wendyjoy1


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How to Synchronise CRM Marketing Lists From Microsoft Dynamics CRM to MDM

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To enable your Marketing Lists created from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to be available within Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM), you first need to ensure the CRM connector solution is added to your CRM instance.

Once your connector solution is enabled, from the Nav Bar go to Settings>Solutions



Open your solution


Navigate to your Marketing List Form view


A new field named Sync Enabled will show in the field explorer, add this to you Marketing List Form.


Toggle the Sync Enabled field on your Marketing List to yes to synchronise your list with MDM.




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Proudly Announcing The Release of Springboard!

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Springboard has been designed to provide rapid implementation and value. The powerful and flexible nature of MS Dynamics CRM often has clients unsure of where to start and that’s where Springboard comes in!

From our experience and knowledge of CRM software we have designed a new product aimed to assist SMBs and small companies. We have used our knowledge of CRM to come up with a pre-configured system that has the added ability to be customisable, giving business exactly what they need. With a scalable packaged product we will be providing business’s access to a CRM system with: a set price, integration with Office applications, quick deployment and sales automation to name just a few benefits.

Our aim is to make the benefits of CRM accessible to any organisation in any sector, whilst providing connectivity to external services like websites as well as integrating with a business’s current systems.

Register your interest here

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Silverlight deprecation affecting digital asset management

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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing uses Silverlight to deliver digital asset management capabilities, such as uploading, marking up, or annotating files. However, support for Silverlight is going away in some browsers.


Support for Silverlight has been discontinued in the upcoming Microsoft Edge browser. Support for Silverlight was also disabled by default in Chrome (with the option to override). With the latest release of Chrome (in September), the override and Silverlight support are expected to be permanently removed.


Your users can continue to access all digital asset management capabilities by using Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, and Safari, as these browsers still support Silverlight.


When your users access browsers that no longer support Silverlight, such as Edge or Chrome, users will experience reduced digital asset management capabilities. When users access their asset library, they will see a fallback page that they can use to view, select, search, reassign, delete, and edit properties of files. Users can also create, view, open, edit, and delete folders in the fallback experience.


However, they cannot:

  • Upload files
  • View or add mark-ups to files
  • Use the folder pane to navigate the folder hierarchy
  • Access their asset library to obtain a filtered view of folders marked as libraries
  • Insert files in social media messages and in emails created using the drag and drop editor
  • Access folders and attachments related to any entity record


Microsoft is working to deprecate Silverlight in Dynamics Marketing with an alternate technology to enable digital asset management across all browsers. We will communicate the timelines for deprecation by the end of August 2015.


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