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Today’s post is a simple one – here are 6 reasons why you should be thinking of moving to Office 365 for your business:

Six reasons why you should move to Microsoft Office 365 – Improve Productivity

Six reasons why you should move to Microsoft Office 365.Some businesses are still skeptical about why they should jump into the cloud and what benefits Office 365 will have for their organisation. In this blog we are going to look at the top six reasons why a company should move to Microsoft Office 365.


  • Reduces stress and gives a competitive advantage

Once companies have moved into the Cloud they no longer have to worry about data security and the backing up of documents and emails. This is all done for them easily and securely in the Cloud and they can access these wherever and whenever they want to, thus reducing the stress on small business owners. The Cloud also provides Businesses with a competitive advantage over on premise systems as there is little or no downtime or loss of service, making it an excellent choice for companies without their own IT staff.


  • Happy staff, happy boss

By moving to Microsoft Office 365 you are keeping the same user interface that your staff are currently used to and are happy working with. There is no need for them to learn a whole new computer system. They will continue working with the same products that they are comfortable with thus reducing the stress and negativity that can sometimes be associated with introducing new computer systems.


  • Inclusive for the whole organisation

In larger organisations it is commonplace to find that not everyone has access to emails or other documents, which can in turn make these people, feel excluded from the goings on within an organisation. With Microsoft Office 365 you can provide ALL staff with access to the system and make everyone feel included and valued. Kiosk plans start from as little as a couple of pound each month per user and are a great way to introduce all staff to the benefits of email and Cloud Computing.


  • Stabilise and predict IT costs

Microsoft Office 365 allows fixing and predicting of the costs of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to be able to move your IT costs from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure. All Microsoft Office 365 plans come with a fixed monthly fee, in fact, Microsoft have just announced a reduction in their Enterprise cost plans, proving their commitment to keeping costs down for everyone. Microsoft Office 365 also allows companies with older platforms to upgrade their infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of on premise solution.


  • Agility & Flexibility

Microsoft Office 365 provides you with the greatest level of agility and flexibility. As soon as you sign up to one of their plans you are able to quickly commission the services that you need either through a Partner, like Core, or through your own IT staff within your organisation. Office 365 also offers you complete flexibility to be able to scale up or down your chosen plan depending on the needs of your organisation. It is also offers the flexibility of a 12-month plan as opposed to previous IT plans that were 3 or 5 years in length.


  • Integration

As Microsoft Office 365 is part of the Microsoft family you are able to integrate it with a number of other Microsoft products. Office 365 will work with existing Exchange and authentication environments, reducing the need for expensive upgrades. With certain Microsoft Office 365 plans you will also automatically get access to the latest Office suite of products including Word, Excel, SharePoint and Outlook, making it an ideal way to manage your whole IT budget.


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