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Welcome to Cloud2020

Cloud2020 is the go-to partner for Microsoft partners, and, of course, organisations like yours. Our ‘business first’ approach starts with you: at an in-depth discovery meeting we understand your goals, processes and the role of every team. Then we craft a CRM solution around your budget and even your existing technology, integrating a full suite of other Microsoft, or third-party, products if necessary.

We take pride in getting to understand your needs and the requirements of your business and in doing so we aim to become a long term partner. Our approach is simple, effective and truly sets us apart:

We’re pure CRM. A CRM-only focus means we’re simply better at what we do. That’s why most customers come to us via word of mouth only.

We completely customise. We don’t believe that one size fits all and will never rip and replace if it’s not needed. Our bespoke solutions are uniquely tailored around your users, processes, needs and current technology so you’ll drive sales productivity and marketing effectiveness like never before. And we enhance systems as we go so they meet changing needs.

We’re passionate gurus. Nameless outsourcing? Red tape? Not with us. Discover the joys of working with dedicated individuals who expertly automate your business processes, but never our service. It’s the direct, personal approach that turns customers into long-term partners.

We pass the love on: Gain a deep understanding on how to make the most of your solution, and ensure high user adoption.

We’re there: A successful implementation or migration doesn’t end there. Sign up to our flexible, fair, ‘credit’s-based’ managed services for just the support you need.

Explore the big business impact of smarter CRM with the trusted experts in relationship management.

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